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Mustapha Tahir

Hi, I'm Dr Mustapha Tahir. Welcome to my profile! Visit my website.

Mustapha Tahir's Bio:

Dr Mustapha Tahir is a GP Academic, with special interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, having held a Research Fellowship in Transvaginal Ultrasound and Hysteroscopy, and a Lecturer Post in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Bristol University, UK, before turning to General Practice. Dr Mustapha Tahir was also a Registrar in Psychiatry with interest in substance misuse. In General Practice, Dr Mustapha Tahir has a special interest in Family Planning, Mental Health, Dementia and Care of the Elderly. After successfully completing a Diploma in Medical law at Leicester Demonte forte Law School, Dr Mustapha Tahir became interested in researching into Medical Malpractice, Significant Event Audit and Legal and ethical issues at the end of life. Dr Mustapha Tahir's LLM thesis which excites him is on Legal and Ethical Dimensions in the use of Terminal (Palliative) Sedation. Dr Mustapha Tahir remains a keen researcher into Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide. Dr Mustapha Tahir is a lifetime supporter of Manchester United Football Club. Dr Nustapha Tahir's other hobbies include Classical Music, Reggae, theatres and Opera, acting (I was president of Acting Club both at Grammar School and University). Mustapha Tahir enjoys reading the life and times of Ancient Philosophers, Scientists and the history of Medicine. Dr Mustapha Tahir

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Mustapha Tahir has interests are Reading, Travelling and football. Mustapha Tahir is a life supporter of Manchester United football club.

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